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Black Diamond Equipment is an offical OilQuick™ Dealer


Change Attachments in 10 seconds

OilQuick is an automatic quick coupler system that allows hydraulic work tools to be connected and disconnected from the driver’s cab.

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The operator can change between various work tools within seconds. You will always have the right attachment at the right time for any job.

Quick Attachment Adjustments


On the West Coast, it’s tight corners and multiple jobs applications. Being able to switch from one attachment to another in seconds ensures you’re using the right tool for the job. Combine that with a tilt rotator, you can save up to 50% of your time in tight workspaces. Don’t take our word for it, these are the results for Boulder Excavating . They have managed to reduce costs by cutting back a laborer on job sights where these machines are working.

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Saving You Time and Money

Civil Services

Putting in underground services is a game of precision. Having the right attachment and being in the right position is key to a successful job. Switch from a trenching bucket to a grabber bucket, (you’ll love these) with the combination of a tilt rotator, in as little as 10 seconds without having to reposition. That saves time and money! We’ve had some OilQuick customers say they switch attachments up to 30 times in one day! All while staying in the cab and not losing a drop of oil. This is the efficiency your company needs to lower overall job costs and win bids while staying profitable.

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OilQuick Civil Services

Efficient Processes

Land Development

This is where OilQuick shines on the West Coast! Watching a machine break rock while a truck shows up to load out material is awesome. The operator can switch from a rock breaker to a bucket or grapple before the truck is done backing into position, and not spill a drop of oil, all while staying in the cab. This can reduce the number of machines you need on the job site and save you the headache of lining up truck schedules. Not to mention, have you seen these machines building rock retaining walls with the combination of a tilt rotator. It’s fast and the quality of work is better.

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OilQuick Land Development

Over Three Decades in the Market


Yes, OilQuick stands up in this industry. With almost 30 years on the market, they’ve become the go-to product for demolition in Europe. These work sights are dangerous for workers out of the cab. This keeps your operator safe while swapping from one attachment to the other and ensuring they use the right tool for the job. No adjustments needed and no oil spilled.

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OilQuick Demolition