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Black Diamond Equipment sells and maintains heavy equipment on Vancouver Island. Located in Parksville, B.C.

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Who we are and where we came from

We are Black Diamond Mechanical and Welding, located in Parksville B.C.  With over 30 years experience maintaining and repairing all aspects of Construction and Forestry equipment, you can trust you’re in good hands.

As an industrial equipment supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of high-quality construction and forestry equipment. Whether it's rigging and hoisting equipment or other industrial tools, we are dedicated to offering exceptional solutions to a variety of industries. Our portfolio includes top-notch products like Odin Hammers and OilQuick, which are designed to deliver innovative and reliable performance to customers in Canada.

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Odin Hammers

The Black Diamond Equipment Odin Series Hammers are very comparable to hammers like NPK when it comes to performance and durability.  However, our pricing is dramatically better.

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Black Diamond Equipment Grapple


We offer 5 different types of grapples to suit your heavy equipment needs. Our grapples were produced with unique and powerful engineering to ensure only the hightest quality. We are sure to have a grapple that will work for you.

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OilQuick™ Products

OilQuick sales, service, and installations are completed at our Parksville location.Talk to our professionals here at Black Diamond Mechanical about saving time and money with an OilQuick installation for your fleet.

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Behind Our Rock Breakers

Black Diamond Mechanical has been working for over a year to ensure we are bringing on the best quality rock breakers for our customers’ dollar.  For the past two years, we have been getting to know the manufacturers and the products they make.  We have a clear understanding of what materials are used and how the hammers are constructed.  Last year, we visited the manufacturers in Korea to ensure every aspect of the product met our team’s standards and expectations.

Why Korea you might ask.  Well, we’ve been buying product from Korea for over 15 years.  One thing that’s always impressed us is the high quality of hydraulic components.  The attention to detail and quality is rivalled by none. Most times better than OEM parts.  Black Diamond Mechanical is committed to quality and reliability and have ensured that we are partnering with like-minded people in the manufacturing world.   When you purchase from Black Diamond Mechanical, it should give you peace of mind to know that the products have been tested and reviewed. We even purchased a hardness tester to compare other manufacturers to our products.  

We will be supporting our hammers with parts on our shelf-right here on Vancouver Island.  No long waits for parts or seal kits when the time comes for routine maintenance or an unexpected incident.  Black Diamond has invested in the proper tooling and test equipment to ensure that when your hammer is installed. it is running at optimum performance.  Everything from flow meters to beats-per-minute counters to basic pressure gauges. We have over 20 years experience installing, rebuilding, and servicing rock breakers. You’re in good hands.

The Black Diamond Equipment Odin Series Hammers are very comparable to hammers like NPK when it comes to performance and durability.  However, our pricing is dramatically better.  And, when it comes time for a rebuild or you require parts, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find our pricing much more affordable, and product will be readily available on our shelf instead of having to waiting for parts to clear customs from a long journey south of the boarder -or from Vancouver for that matter.

If you have questions or concerns, please call or email so we can put your mind at ease knowing you’ve made the right choice going with Black Diamond! Don’t forget to check out our service department.

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